Scheduled Weekly Sunday Programs

The Unitarian Fellowship of Silver City invites a wide variety of speakers from both our congregation and from the community to give our Sunday presentations.

We welcome many points of view and enjoy diversity of opinion, knowledge and information. Join us on any Sunday for a thought-provoking topic and some fellowship with a conscious and humanitarian group of people. We serve coffee and snacks after each service. Services begin at 10 a.m. at The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Silver City at 3845 N Swan St.




Program Presenter and Title

June 3rd

Speaker: Larry McLaud

Larry, a native New Yorker, has degrees from the University of VA & the University of ID. He's been a fire lookout, fire fighter, food-coop worker & a professional for many years w/in the conservation community.  He was also a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan & Malaysia in the ‘70s. Larry notes Afghanistan is a place far different from the USA in many ways. Most Americans can’t find it on a map, but have heard bits & pieces of  info about this war torn country.  He will share some experiences that might offer insight into how we can help peace prevail in this colorful country.
Moderator – Lorna Ruebelmann     CHILDCARE AVAILABLE.

June 10th
Speaker: Rachel Sierra

Rachel, Executive Director of El Refugio
Moderator – Susan Golightly FAMILY PROGRAM TODAY

June 17th
Speaker: Joni Kay Rose
Murphy’s Law and Buddha’s First Noble Truth

While Buddha’s First Noble Truth, dukkha in Pali, is commonly translated as “suffering,” most contemporary Buddhist scholars now acknowledge it encompasses much more than that. Ms. Rose compares dukkha with Murphy’s Law: Things have a way of screwing up. Thus does the express train get stuck behind the local and people end up in positions they’re entirely unsuited for. The First Noble Truth teaches us to perceive life as it really is, not a fantasized image of how we think things ought to be. Only then can we take action, individually and collectively, to make the changes that need to be made.

Moderator – Elaine Carlson     CHILDCARE AVAILABLE 

June 24th
Speaker: Nancy Gordon
Tales of Trails

Long time Silver City residents, Nancy Gordon and her husband, Ralph, love to hike. For the June 24 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship program she will share stories of their hikes and pack trips taken in the Gila and elsewhere.
Her presentation will include a slide show displaying sights and scenes from these travels. She will talk about "peak experiences" and attempt to explain why they hike. Come for good information -- and inspiration!
Moderator – Nancy Cliff      FAMILY PROGRAM TODAY


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