Scheduled Weekly Sunday Programs

The Unitarian Fellowship of Silver City invites a wide variety of speakers from both our congregation and from the community to give our Sunday presentations.

We welcome many points of view and enjoy diversity of opinion, knowledge and information. Join us on any Sunday for a thought-provoking topic and some fellowship with a conscious and humanitarian group of people. We serve coffee and snacks after each service. Services begin at 10 a.m. at The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Silver City at 3845 N Swan St.




Program Presenter and Title

Jan 5th

Speaker: Open Sunday
"New Years Thoughts"
This will be a loosely structured gathering that allows individual UU members to provide insight and inspiration on topics of their choice. The format can include brief talks, essays, poems and even music. Please note: UU audio-visual equipment will not be available except for the podium microphone. Please keep your presentation to four minutes or less. Moderator Susan Golightly - Childcare Available.

Jan 12th

Speaker: Rev Dan Lillie
"I Couldn't Care Less"
As I reflect on my quest for a deeper emotional and spiritual life, I realize that I have a complicated relationship with apathy. At different points in my life, apathy has been a goal, it’s been an obstacle, and, most recently, it’s been a useful resource. For something that literally means “a lack of care or concern,” I seem to have a lot of feelings about it. So, who cares about apathy? I do! And I’ll tell you why on Jan 12.  Moderator Nancy Stephens -  Children's Program

Jan 19th
Speaker: Jennifer Johnston
"A Little Co-op with a Big Impact”
Jennifer Johnston has served on the Silver City Food Co-op board for more than five years. She has fulfilled many roles, including president, vice president, secretary, and chairperson of various committees. The Food Co-op has been in Grant County for more than 40 years and its vision is "to promote the inherently healthy relationship between food, community and nature." Jennifer and another board member will cover some of the history of the Co-op, its impact on the community, and future goals, including current progress toward opening a larger store. She will also review why the food cooperative committed to a shared governance structure including the benefits and pitfalls of consensus-style, member-owned businesses.  
Moderator Ron Gabioud - Childcare Available.
Jan 26th
Speaker: Joćo Galera
"Memory and Desire
Joćo Galera is a Brazilian artist who has drawn since childhood. He is currently the artist-in-residence at Western New Mexico University. During doctoral research in anthropology in Mexico, his artistic pursuits intensified. He has participated in collective and individual exhibits in Brazil, the US, and Mexico. He is currently employing the theme of personal and collective memories for his creations. Galera will speak of “memory and desire” . . . how do our community’s memories, both spoken and unspoken, shape our desires for our future? After the service, all participants will be encouraged to create a small clay object symbolizing important memories, to compose a large piece for a community art installation.  Moderator Marty Eberhardt - Children's Program


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