Scheduled Weekly Sunday Programs

The Unitarian Fellowship of Silver City invites a wide variety of speakers from both our congregation and from the community to give our Sunday presentations.

We welcome many points of view and enjoy diversity of opinion, knowledge and information. Join us on any Sunday for a thought-provoking topic and some fellowship with a conscious and humanitarian group of people. We serve coffee and snacks after each service. Services begin at 10 a.m. at The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Silver City at 3845 N Swan St.




Program Presenter and Title

Sep 2nd

Speaker: None
11:30  Labor Day Potluck Picnic on the UU Patio


Sep 9th
Speaker: Azima Lila Forest
"The UU Seven Principles: Finding Personal and Community Meaning in the Foundations of our Faith
We will explore the Seven Principles &  look for their meaning to us individually & as a congregation. Heidi Ogas is moderator.  Family Program today

Sep 16th
Speaker: None
Conversations with Ourselves About Unity in Community
This will be a moderated & interactive conversation about values which unite us. The week before, 9/9, homework assignments will be offered. These will take the form of URLs of websites with relevant content. Those interested in participating will draw one out of "the hat", i.e., randomly. Some are longer & more complicated than others. Feel free to partner with one or more to evaluate and report to the rest of us. Nancy Cliff will be moderator. Childcare will be available.

Sep 23rd
Speaker: Alicia Edwards
Beyond the knapsack: how unacknowledged privilege prevents change Ken Thoughts on the things we can’t talk about that prevent progress in social change movements.  (Bio) Alicia Edwards is the Coordinator for Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Grant County (HKHC). HKHC implements & supports initiatives that create policy, systems & environmental changes that result in increased access to healthy eating & physical activity in schools & communities. Ms. Edwards is the former Exec Director of The Volunteer Ctr/the Commons Center for Food Security & Sustainability. Ms. Edwards helped found the Grant Co Food Policy Council, the Grant Co Community Foundation, The NM Collaboration to End Hunger and has served on the SW Regional Food Policy Council and the Grant Co Community Health Council. Ms. Edwards was elected to a four-year term on the Grant County Board of Commissioners in 2016. She is also a published poet, author, photographer and sculptor. Her idea of adventure is a backpack, a one-way ticket to anywhere and has traveled in all 50 states and five continents. Her favorite conveyances for travel are her feet, a bicycle or a sailboat. Susan Golightly will be the moderator. Family Program Today.

Sep 30th
Speaker: Mitchell Barsh & Barbara Mora
Housing the Homeless in Silver City, Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) & Supporting People in Need (SPIN)
Two members of SPIN, Mitchell Barsh & Barbara Mora will be presenting info about PSH—a humane solution to ending homelessness for families & individuals who struggle with addiction/mental illness and/or other disabilities & lack the social support, resources or ability to acquire & maintain housing without supportive services.  Supporting People In Need (SPIN) is a new local non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Permanent Supportive Housing to Silver City. They are working under the guidance of the New Mexico Coalition To End Homelessness. Feel welcome to join in an informal discussion about “Housing First”, PSH and how you can participate in this much needed endeavorAndy Payne will moderate. Childcare Available.


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