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Border Update 6-26-2024

Lots of news out there but you’re getting mainly photos from me this time. With the debates this week and the 4th of July next week, it’s a good time to think about not letting anyone co-opt the US flag. Fly one proudly amongst your yard signs and/or add FLAG SWAG (lots will be on sale July 5th ).





Here are a couple of photos sent to me from folks on the ground. The first is the foot of a 6-year old having to contend with multiple blisters. Border Patrol not only took his shoelaces but also his socks. I’m sure he posed a grave risk to our country…The second photo is how your water bottles are being distributed by some search and rescue teams on the US side of the border.

Migrant's foot with blisters in front of shoes without laces. Stack of water bottles in shade.









And from Palomas, every morning I get a photo of what was served for breakfast (along with their handcrafted flowers) and how many people were served. Here are a couple of my favorites. The first celebrates hope even during dark hours. The second (leftover pizza) is so American. I’m sure my first pizza was cold in the morning…

Plate with sandwich and banana. The sandwich has a smily face in food. Served with chocolate milk. Cold pizza and banana served with coffee.









If you’re in the mood for some music there is a brand new release from Larry and Joe who many of you saw last week at Whiskey Creek Zócalo. Larry is an asylum seeker from Venezuela who was a nationally acclaimed musician playing and teaching many indigenous instruments before having to flee with his family 8 years ago. After over 6 years working in construction in North Carolina he met Joe, a Grammy nominated “Latingrass” banjo, guitar and fiddle player. You also get a glimpse of some incredible Appalachian clogging! This is just a taste of a song aptly titled “Runnin’ from the Weather”, suggesting again, a synonym for climate change migration. Millions in the US, including our own state of NM, are running from fires and floods even as I write this. Check out the YouTube comments to find more of their music.
OUR NEXT COLLECTION IS WEDNESDAY, July 3rd, from 3:00 to 3:30.

Search and Rescue
 teams can still use clean, empty water bottles. And clean, empty gallon jugs if they have a screw on top.DEMING’s greatest needs right now are MAINLY FOR BABIES:  FORMULA, BABY BOTTLES, PACIFIERS and SIPPY CUPS. SIZE 5 DIAPERS, DIAPER RASH CREAM and WIPES. Also, BODY LOTION, SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER.

For our GoBags we need CRACKER PACKS, GRANOLA BARS, WELCH’S FRUIT SNACKS and small cans of VIENNA SAUSAGES…along with GALLON SIZE ZIPLOCK BAGS to pack them in.We collect donations on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, 3:00-3:30, at the UUFSC building, 3845 N Swan (not our mailing address) in Silver City. You can drive straight down on either side of our collection vehicles. We will get you unloaded and then you can drive out easily. If you are bringing any of the above GoBag items, please let the crew unloading your car know about them.

To contribute financially to go Border Justice Donation, or you can mail checks made out to UUFSC (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Silver City) with ‘Border’ in the memo line to UUFSC, PO Box 4034, Silver City, NM 88062

Thank you for your support ~Barbara Gabioud 

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”   Cornel West