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Celebrating Transgender Individuals and Their Supportive Communities

Program date: September 15, 2024

The “Celebrating Transgender Individuals and Their Supportive Communities” program in September 2024 is part of broader efforts to acknowledge and empower the transgender community throughout the year. Various organizations and institutions focus on advocacy, awareness, and support for transgender individuals, addressing issues like violence, discrimination, and inclusion.

One example of related activities includes the Transgender Empowerment and Awareness Week, which is celebrated to highlight the challenges and discrimination faced by transgender individuals and to promote empowerment. This event is typically observed in November and includes activities like vigils to remember those lost to transphobic violence, discussions, and celebrations of transgender changemakers (source: LGBTQ Resource Center, University of Missouri).

Moreover, the National Center for Transgender Equality and other organizations frequently organize events and provide resources aimed at supporting the transgender community, enhancing visibility, and promoting equality. These efforts are crucial for fostering a supportive environment and advancing the rights and well-being of transgender individuals.

For more information on events and how you can participate or support, you can visit resources like the National Center for Transgender Equality or the LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of Missouri.

LGBTQIA+ Resources in Silver City & New Mexico
  1. LGBTQ Grant County

  2. PFLAG Silver City

  3. WNMU Queers & Allies

  4. Equality New Mexico

  5. Dial 988
    Judgment-Free LGBTQIA+ Emotional or Substance Use 24/7 Help Line